As a music producer, I have a special place in my heart for underground house and dark disco, but I also love exploring downtempo and meditative moods.

One of my inspirations has been the iconic track “It’s not over” by New Jackson. The way they drag out the beats and build them up slowly over time, much like the development of a theme in classical music, Bolero by Ravel for example (one of my alltime favourite tracks!!!), is simply amazing.

I love incorporating this approach in my own music, as it adds an almost mesmerising quality that beckons you into the mood of the soundscape.

The name ‘Gyndroid’ is a blend of the Greek word ‘gyno’ meaning woman and the suffix ‘-oid’ meaning resembling, but not exactly the same. 

Because I’ve always felt that my gender is multiple.

As a lover of science fiction, the i decided to add an r in there to get the word ‘droid’ into the name, resulting in: Gyndroid

I love

Creating music is a constant exploration of new sounds and styles, and I’m always striving to push my own boundaries and to grow.

From the pulsating energy of underground house to the serene calm of downtempo, I’m passionate about creating tracks that capture the essence of the mood and atmosphere of each project.

My goal is to inspire and uplift, and to create music that resonates with my listeners on a deep level.