I’m not interested in conforming to any particular genre or style – instead, I’m all about following the flow of the Vibe and experience where it takes me.

For me, music is all about creating an emotional connection. I want to create something that not only sounds great, but also makes you feel something deep inside. Whether it’s joy, sadness, excitement, or anything in between, I believe that music has the power to connect us all on a deeply human level.


I love

when the beat is just right…

My body reacts to it and then I Know that I’m on course for a great track. 

Creating tracks that inspire movement is just bliss to me. Whether it’s a high-energy house track or a more meditative downtempo piece, I believe that music has the power to move us both physically and emotionally. 

I also love to incorporate movement and dance into my own creative process, often taking breaks to do some freestyle dancing when I celebrate victories, big or small.

I believe that music and movement are inextricably linked and that they have the power to move us both physically and emotionally.

Yoga and meditation are also essential components of my life, and I often incorporate elements of these practices into my music.


I’ve always had a passion for music and self-expression. From an early age, I found myself drawn to the world of sound and the limitless possibilities it offers for feeling deeply and creative expression.

Over time, I developed my skills, crafting an eclectic mix of sounds but mostly deep beats that have a distinctive sound.

In addition to my musical pursuits, I’ve also explored my creative side through fashion, yoga, sensual arts, and digital content creation. I’ve always believed that self-expression comes in many forms, and I’ve never been afraid to explore new avenues for creativity and personal growth.

As the founder of Camilla Wellton and We Got Cookies, I’ve learned a great deal about the world of fashion and I’m always striving to bring something new and unique to my designs.

My focus on authenticity and staying true to myself has guided me throughout my career, and I believe that this approach has helped me to create works that truly resonate with my audience.

As resident designer and stylist at Future Brown Space art collective, I’ve had the opportunity to explore afrofuturism and its many possibilities for identity and aesthetics.

I find myself drawn to explore black women’s faces, maybe because there aren’t many of us where I live.

Whether I’m creating music, designing clothing, or exploring new avenues for personal growth, I’m always striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to create works that truly resonate with my audience. I believe that my unique perspective and passion for self-expression have helped me to stand out in a crowded field, and I look forward to continuing to explore new ways to express myself and connect with others through my work.

I love

To dance…

When it comes to dancing, I love to explore the underground techno scene. There’s something about the raw energy and intense beats of this music that really speaks to me on a deep level. 

I find that the underground scene is a place where people can truly let go and express themselves freely without the constraints of mainstream culture.

For me, dancing to techno and other underground genres is a way to connect with my own creative energy and let go of any inhibitions or self-doubt. It’s a form of self-expression that allows me to connect with my deepest self, the magic of reality, play and tap into new creative ideas and inspiration.


I also organise parties for my lifestyle brand We got cookies:

We got cookies after hours

Resident DJ’s include Dark disco master Ossian Reynolds and powerhouse Ty Tugwell, both beloved and notorious in the Swedish underground club scene.

afro swede

I wanted to share a bit about my journey of exploring my heritage and what it means to be mixed and living in a Nordic country from my perspective.

Since joining the @futurebrownspace collective, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other mixed brown people in Sweden and explore our shared experiences and perspectives.

Through this exploration, I was inspired to create artwork (all over this website and on my album covers) that showcases brown women in styles typically reserved for white women. As a child, I rarely saw representations of brown or black women in the media, and even now, there are few in my community. Creating artwork that celebrates brown beauty in aesthetics that I enjoy has been a healing experience for me, and I hope that it can inspire and bring healing to other mixed-race individuals as well.

My heritage from my mother’s side is from Guadeloupe, a small island in the Caribbean, and being part of the collective has allowed me to reconnect with that part of my identity in a group setting. I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore and celebrate my roots, and to connect with others who share similar experiences and perspectives.

So if you’re looking for artwork that celebrates brown beauty and showcases it in a unique and inspiring way, I invite you to check out my pieces. I hope that they can bring a sense of healing as well as inspiration to all who view them.


I’m excited to let you know that soon you’ll be able to purchase my artwork (the faces you’ve seen all over the site)  as wall posters and more on my Etsy shop! I’m thrilled to be able to share my art with a wider audience, and I hope that it can inspire and bring joy to all who view it.

My artwork celebrates brown beauty and showcases it in styles that are often reserved for white women. I believe that representation is important, and I’m passionate about creating art that celebrates and uplifts people of color.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or any other space, my wall posters are a unique and inspiring addition. They make great gifts for loved ones or for yourself, and they serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and diversity of our world.

In addition to wall posters, I’ll also be offering other items featuring my artwork, such as tote bags, phone cases, and more. So stay tuned for updates on my Etsy shop and get ready to add some beautiful and inspiring art to your life!